lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2009


Había leído que se decía de ella que era la sucesora de Billie Holiday.

Y pensé que hay gente que tiene la lengua (o la pluma) muy larga.

Después de haberla oído, no me queda más remedio que callarme.

(Y seguirla de cerca.
Seguro que los años le van a sentar muy bien)

(Madeleine Peyroux)

Instead of feeling bad, be glad,
you have got somewhere to go.
Instead of feeling sad, be happy,
you are not all alone.
Instead of feeling low, get high
on everything that you love.
Instead of wasting time, feel good
about what you are dreaming of.

Instead of trying to win something you never understood,
just play the game you know, eventually you will love her good.
It's silly to pretend that you have something you don't own;
just let her be your woman and you'll be her man.

Instead of feeling broke, buck up
and get yourself in the black.
Instead of losing hope, touch up
the things that feel out of whack.
Instead of being old, be young
because you know you are.
Instead of feeling cold,
let sunshine into your heart.

Instead of acting crazy chasing things that make you mad,
keep your heart ahead, it'll lead you back to what you have.
With every step you are closer to the place you need to be:
it's up to you to let her love you sweetly.

Instead of feeling bad, be glad,
you have got someone to love.
Instead of feeling sad, be happy,
there is a god above.
Instead of feeling low, remember
you are never all alone.
Instead of feeling sad, be glad,
that she is there at home
waiting for you by the phone.
So be happy she is all your own!

So get back home!

Madeleine Peyroux. Festival de Jazz de Zaragoza, 2009.

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